Welcome to my Federation site, created for people passionate about Wikis and the sharing of information and expertise. This site is a collection of pages out of my own experience with wikis and hypertext. I intend here to share what I think I know and ways I have found to use the web to openly share and discuss things. I hope you enjoy what you find, but please be considerate and patient as this is continuously changing site about things that are changing fast and faster, making it difficult to keep up.

As I learn more and create additional pages which will merge my interests in many things in addition to wiki, this site will become useful in making my information and the internet as a whole more available to me and others on a number of different devices and in various formats.

It will also serve as a vehicle for learning and applying html5, javascript, and css. The pages on this site have not been strictly constructed and have not utilized all the technology available. In the future I intend to become more competent in presentation and also in the integration of its pages.